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Kelvin D. Allen


Author, Actor, Producer, Publicist, Speaker,and Leadership SpeciaIist


Kelvin De’Marcus Allen is a graduate of North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C.; and holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Liberal Studies from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa. Allen is an accomplished writer and producer, with numerous articles and essays to his credit. He has produced television specials and training videos for ABC affiliate station WTNH- TV, New Haven, Ct., the National Cancer Institute, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Allen’s career began in 1986 when he was one of only six actors chosen from a field of 500 to serve as actors and community liaisons in Los Angeles, Ca. for Kaiser Permanente and the Children’s Television Workshop, the producers of Sesame Street.

He is the author of the biopic “Looking Back to Move Forward, Reconciling the past – Liberating the future. The book is an authentic attempt to meaningfully gauge the effects of the past upon the present. In his unique exploration of selfhood, Allen risks it all as he divulges his family origins and breaks a socially-imposed silence with true stories that are oftentimes painful, heart wrenching and haunting. Looking Back to Move Forward is a straight-from-the-belly exercise in purging.

Allen is also a contributor to Steve Peha and Margot Lester’s book, “Be A Writer: Your Guide to the Writing Life” the book focuses on proven tips and techniques to help young writers get started.

In 1992, Allen’s video documentary “Imagine If” won the Connecticut Higher Education Association’s Screening Room Award for entertainment programming. To his credit, Allen has interviewed some of the most notable names in Arts/Entertainment, including actress Ruby Dee, filmmaker Haile Gerima, author and filmmaker, the late Gordon Parks, gospel music great John P. Kee, and up and coming conductor, Andre Raphel Smith.

He is the producer and host of “Body and Soul” Peer Counseling training video, the National Cancer Institute’s national campaign designed to encourage African Americans to eat healthier in an effort to reduce the risks of cancer. The interactive DVD is distributed nationally to Black Churches and promoted on Urban Radio Stations throughout the country. Allen is the president and CEO of Kelvin Allen and Associates; a marketing and public relations firm based in North Carolina.


Kelvin Directing a segment of Urban Journal

with David Kasper

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