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Victor R. Stone


Durham native, Victor Stone is an innovative creator of multi-media and film. Victor’s eye for detail and structure is represented by his creative approach to web design and graphics and the films he has written and produced.

He has not looked back since turning down a promising invite to attend Julliard. Stone attended North Carolina Central University from 1967-1970. He joined the touring band, the “Dynamic Five”, based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band toured extensively in the southern United States, before ending up in Los Angeles. Victor returned to Durham and eventually decided to concentrate full-time on his music and graphic design. In 1980 he formed the “Risse” band. Today Risse is one of the most popular variety bands on the East Coast.

In 1992, he partnered with make-up artist and photographer, Rod Davis and vocalist Jaisun McMillian. They opened a graphic design and photography studio where Stone’s passion for photography, film and video began to cultivate. Over the past 20 years, he has partnered with McMillian to provided full-service graphic design and photography for their company. Triangle Virtual Media, a subsidiary of McMillian Entertainment. From roadside Billboards, remarkable web design to commercial videos, Victor’s creative talents are creating a buzz!

Stone and written two screenplays, produced several music videos and directed the stage play, “The Anatomy of a Woman Abused”. After serving as the director of a summer camp for teens interested in video production at North Carolina Central University in the summer of 2009, Stone was inspired by the young participants to produce a documentary dedicated to the history of the Durham’s Hayti community.

Screenings, Events, Shoot Schedule
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