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W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed.

Poet, Educator and Development Consultant in Business and Education.

W. Calvin Anderson is an innovative educator, instructional designer and development consultant with programs and products to support learning for high and under achievers; parents and community stakeholders. When budgets are declining it’s time to use strategies that work like it’s business and our children’s futures are on the line!

Business & Education Development Consultant

. 30 years experience in education teaching, program development, school development, supervision and administration, “new” feature: instructional design for online learning. Services on-site and contracting to School Systems, Private and Faith-based Organizations, Colleges and Universities.

. 25 years direct response advertising, marketing, business development. Services to colleges,small and midsized businesses, celebrities, art organizations, festivals, faith-based and other non-profit corporations.


Ideation, Program Development, Product Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Implementation, Instructional Design, grant writing

Screenings, Events, Shoot Schedule
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OUR MISSION is to document and explore the Black Experience from a local, regional, national and global perspective through education, the arts and humanities.

Our ultimate goal is to empower future generations with a spirit of entrepreneurship,community building and
cultural significance.