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Then & Now


February 2, 2012  thru March 29, 2012, filmmakers Kelvin D. Allen, Victor R. Stone and Jaisun G. McMillian,  conduct a workshop at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies. Visit to register.

Then and Now: A Hayti Civics Course, offers a unique opportunity for participants to document oral histories and use archival material to contribute to the production of a documentary film series about Durham’s Hayti community.

Hayti was a vibrant African-American section of Durham, North Carolina, that flourished for most of the 20th century. Students will join our exploration of  Hayti’s fascinating, rich history and decline, while creating a multimedia portfolio. It was a sanctuary for African-Americans traveling from the north throughout the Jim Crow South. It was an oasis of African American culture and business in a malevolent society. Today, there is very little evidence that Hayti ever existed.

This workshop will provide an overview of the process we have followed to develop this film into a compelling documentary; how we researched the story, outlined the ideas, developed a treatment, and introduced subjects. Students will develop short, manageable documentary projects which they will produce for screening and review by the class.

Session 1. Introduction to Course

Presenters: Dr. Beverly Washington Jones, Author, Educator, Historian

Carolyn Green Boone, Great Great Granddaughter of James E. Shepard

Nathaniel B. White, Jr. , descendant of N.B. White, Sr., owner of Service Printing Company, Hayti

Session 2. Director’s Technical, Interview Styles, Staging and Lighting

Presenter: David Kasper, Academy Award winning Film Director/Director of The Empowerment Project, Chapel Hill

Sheila Huggins interviews Dr. Jonathan Livingston, Assistant Professor of Psychology, NCCU

Meral Agish, Sound and Transcription

Jameka Autry, Filmmaker

Filmmakers Victor  Stone and David Kasper

Screenings, Events, Shoot Schedule
  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!

OUR MISSION is to document and explore the Black Experience from a local, regional, national and global perspective through education, the arts and humanities.

Our ultimate goal is to empower future generations with a spirit of entrepreneurship,community building and
cultural significance.